I shouldn't give the impression that I do not enjoy making sized rings because I do have several designs I like to work with for wire wrapped rings, but there is something about my adjustable designs that wrap around the finger and the swirls and designs with the wire extend across the finger and really make a statement that I just find appealing to the eye. The design can be clean and simple, or it can be intricate and more complicated. With so many variations I can make, it is fun to see where the wire takes me (anyone that wire wraps sure knows that sometimes the wire is much more in control than the designer is).

     I started making these rings with my sea glass. In general I try to find designs where I do not have to drill my sea glass because I've had too many lovely pieces of sea glass get somewhat destroyed in the drilling process (I am definitely not the greatest at drilling sea glass or stone). I began playing around with different ideas, drawing inspiration from other artists photos and tutorials, and finally came up with a design that I really enjoyed making. I use the example of my turquoise bead adjustable ring in the picture with this blog to show one of the designs I like to work with. When I go to craft fairs this ring sells fairly well because it is unique and feminine. Plus people like being able to try on a ring that fits no matter what size they wear and be able to walk away from my table wearing their new jewelry and not have to wait for a custom order. 

     On a personal note, I love adjustable rings because I tend to be one of those people that in the course of a single day might have swollen fingers, and then an hour later the complete opposite. I can adjust my ring real quick, make it more comfortable and go on about my business. 

     I look forward to adding more designs for adjustable rings to my shop in the near future. I love the look and I love when other people enjoy them as well. Thank you for reading this little blog, and I hope to share other stories about my work and processes in the near future.